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How To Maximise The Power Of PowAir Odour Neutralisers?

Of course, as pawrents, you all love your furbabies dearly. So, it is indeed regrettable that many of you suffer from pet odour problems, which may strain your relationship with your pets. You probably tried to ignore the stench at first. Nonetheless, it is hard to do so when the odour gets on your nerves…Here’s some common (but preventable) odour/stain problems that you are probably facing1.... Read More

Ultimate Crash Course On Freeze-Dried Pet Food

Have you ever wondered why freeze-dried pet food is so popular amongst pawrents even though it comes with a seemingly hefty price tag? Well, that’s because it provides immense value to customers and their precious pets (e.g. first-rate nutrition, convenience), which justifies the cost.By reading this article, you’ll learn about the freeze-drying process, the pros and cons of freeze-dried pet food,... Read More

The Ultimate Guide To Wet Versus Dry Dog Food

There are huge differences between wet and dry food, and your dog may prefer one option over the other. Thus, you may be worried that your fussy furbaby is not getting the proper nutrition it needs.In light of this, this article explores the differences between wet and dry complete dog food (complementary food and treats not included). Knowing the difference — Wet v.s. Dry Wet foodDry fo... Read More

Debunking Myths About Dogs’ Diet

In this age when misinformation is rampant, it’s wise for us to be critical thinkers. Not all the pieces of information that we read are necessarily the truth.Pawrents, is what you know about dog nutrition fact or fiction?Read on to find out:— Are all grains nutritious for dogs?— Are all insects bad for dogs?— Should dogs eat an all-meat diet?— Does a high-protein diet cause kidney failure in dogs... Read More

How To Introduce Your Dog To The Swimming Pool For The First Time

Some dogs are irresistibly attracted to water. They genuinely love swimming to the extent that they always jump enthusiastically into the pool. These canines adore the thrill of swimming and always have a splashing good time.On the flip side, there are a select group of dogs who are absolutely terrified of the water. They whine pitifully, lower their tail, and shiver uncontrollably. Some refuse to... Read More