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Pet Master Mega Sale 2022

Fur parents, have the time of your life with your fur babies at our upcoming MEGA SALE which will be held at Singapore’s largest pet lifestyle concept store. Take advantage of the CRAZY DEALS on popular pet brands and products.  Plus, expect lots of GOODIES, FREEBIES and PRIZES!... Read More

5 Excellent Eco-friendly Pet Products That You Must Know

Mother earth, the only home that humans have, is dying right now…The bad news: your beloved furry companions have been contributing to environmental degradation through their high carbon footprint. That is why we urge pawrents like you to do your part for the environment. Protecting our planet should not be a short-lived, once-per-year affair during Earth Day. Rather, we should help to save t... Read More

5 Simple Steps To Be A Pawsome Puppy Owner

Pat yourself on the back! You’re now the proud parent of a puppy, so memorable times lie ahead. Get ready to love, grow and laugh with this furry companion.Sure, welcoming a furkid to your family can be extremely exciting, but taking care of a puppy is no simple feat. Rather, it is a rewarding challenge that requires never-ending learning. We understand that the prospect of taking care of a puppy ... Read More

Everything You Need To Know About Pet Master's Grooming Services

Did you know that grooming is an essential self care ritual that is necessary for all dogs—regardless of their breed? Ponder over how lovely you always feel after a relaxing trip to the hairdressers, a healing spa day, and a fun visit to the nail parlour. Likewise, your pet will also feel refreshed if it is regularly groomed.If you are interested in deepening your understanding about dog grooming,... Read More

How Do I Train My Dog To Stay Still During Grooming?

Some dogs are angels who are calm and comfortable while being groomed. On the other hand, other anxious dogs wiggle, wiggle and wiggle incessantly during the grooming process.The second scenario is really worrisome because if your dog is constantly moving about (and maybe even whining), grooming will be very challenging. This is because you may accidentally injure your furkid if it fidgets about t... Read More