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The Fascinating World Of Dark VS White Coat Shampoos

As pawrents, we want our furbabies to look their best and one essential aspect of their grooming routine is choosing the right shampoo. When it comes to dogs with darker or lighter-coloured fur, specific products called Dark and White coat shampoos have been formulated to cater to their unique needs. In today's #petmasterdiscovers, we will delve into the fascinating world of Dar... Read More

Why It Is Important For Dogs To Chew?

Why are dog chewers?Dogs engage in chewing for various reasons. It serves as a source of relief for young dogs experiencing discomfort caused by the growth of new teeth, while also acting as a natural mechanism for maintaining strong jaws and clean teeth in older dogs. Chewing can also help alleviate mild anxiety or frustration and prevent boredom, making it an essential aspect of a dog's daily ro... Read More

How To Train Your Dog With Treats?

Just as Hooman children need to go to school, doggos need to undergo obedience training to lead happy lives with their owners. All pawrents can and should pick up fundamental dog training skills to have healthy communication with their furkids.  You may be wondering what's the fastest and easiest way to train your dog. Well, one tried and tested method is to use tantalising training t... Read More

Maintaining Your Dog's Dental Hygiene

Have you been paying attention to your doggie’s dental care? Well, if the answer is a ‘no’, you’re not alone as unfortunately, dental health is an important area of pet care that pawrents often neglect. Because of this regrettable trend of neglecting oral care, canine oral illness is a prevalent problem.Prevention is better than cureDid you know that more than 80% of dogs over the age of 3 have ac... Read More

Pet Master Dec Mega Sale 2022

Pet Master by Catsmart Mega Sale Dec 2022 Expect to see your favourite brands and pet products at UNBEATABLE paw-some prices at this highly-anticipated 4-day sale event! See you as we guarantee you’ll SAVE massive and have fun with your fur-friends!   MEGA SALE | 15-18 December | 10am - 8pm Pet Master Mega Store By CatSmart: 920 Parkland Green #01-03/04/05/06/07/08 East Coast... Read More