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Maintaining Your Dog's Dental Hygiene

Have you been paying attention to your doggie’s dental care? Well, if the answer is a ‘no’, you’re not alone as unfortunately, dental health is an important area of pet care that pawrents often neglect. Because of this regrettable trend of neglecting oral care, canine oral illness is a prevalent problem. Prevention is better than cure Did you know that more than 8... Read More

Pet Master Dec Mega Sale 2022

Pet Master by Catsmart Mega Sale Dec 2022 Expect to see your favourite brands and pet products at UNBEATABLE paw-some prices at this highly-anticipated 4-day sale event! See you as we guarantee you’ll SAVE massive and have fun with your fur-friends!   MEGA SALE | 15-18 December | 10am - 8pm Pet Master Mega Store By CatSmart: 920 Parkland Green #01-03/04/05/06/07/08 East Coast... Read More

Furbulous Guide To Shampooing Your Puppy

Some inexperienced dog owners may think that any quality dog shampoo is good enough for puppies. But did you know that there are major differences between shampoos specially formulated for adult dogs versus puppies? Read on to learn how to choose the right shampoo for your puppy. Choosing the correct shampoo for your puppyTailored products are king. You should factor in age when consider... Read More

A Fun-tastic Guide To Understanding Pet Prebiotics And Probiotics

I had been suffering from constipation, constant itching, excessive shedding, dry and flaky skin and ear infection for a long time. My beloved hooman, J, even said that I had bad breath. She was extremely worried about me as her smiles were not as radiant as before.Recently, J tried feeding me some tablets, but I refused because I didn't know what that was. Whatever it is, it doesn't look yummy. I... Read More

How To Maximise The Power Of PowAir Odour Neutralisers?

Of course, as pawrents, you all love your furbabies dearly. So, it is indeed regrettable that many of you suffer from pet odour problems, which may strain your relationship with your pets. You probably tried to ignore the stench at first. Nonetheless, it is hard to do so when the odour gets on your nerves…Here’s some common (but preventable) odour/stain problems that you are probably facing1.... Read More