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  • Commercial Food vs Homemade Diet

    Commercial Food vs Homemade Diet
    Till this day, pet owners are still divided on several aspects of pet care. One of the most talked about aspects–food.  Is commercial food or homemade diet better for your dogs?  Despite the vast improvements of pet food manufacturing technology and expectations on pet welfare, the stigma attached to “commercial food” still lingers, unearthing associated descriptions from the past at its mention. However, categories of commercial dog food have expanded from just dry kibbles and canned food. The demands of wholesome diets for our fur friends introduced air-dried and freeze-dried...

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  • The Importance of Paw Care

    The Importance of Paw Care
    If there’s anything cuter than our dogs’ faces, it has to be their paws pads. You might be surprised to know that these cute, squishy features provide more than just a padding for our doggos to walk on.  Apart from absorbing shock to protect the bones and joints in the feet and legs when our dogs run, walk and jump, they also help our dogs to recognise the type of terrain they are treading on, and provide balance for walking on slippery and steep surfaces.  Your dog responds to irritations on his...

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  • Increasing Work Productivity at Home

    Increasing Work Productivity at Home
    Working from home when you have a pet is an absolute joy, but they can also be one of the biggest obstacle that keeps you from getting your work done.  Dog owners all over the world has since laughed together over how they have learned to work in uncomfortable positions so their dog can be comfortable, and have also learned to type an entire document with one hand so they can keep their dog satisfied with an indoor game of fetch or a session of belly scratch.  While a few...

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