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Tom Cat Pakeway 2 In 1 Pet Feeder Peach

By: Tom Cat

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Looking for a functional food and water dispenser for your little buddies? Look no further! This Tom Cat Pakeway 2 In 1 Pet Feeder ensures that your pet has access to fresh water at all times! This aesthetically pleasing feeder has two bowls, one for water and the other for food. Furthermore, this one-of-a-kind design has a track around the double feeder to capture spilt food or water from the bowl.


Key Benefits:

-2-in-1 bowl to cut down on space used at home

-Ensures that pets have a constant supply of clean, fresh water.

-Easy to clean

-Aesthetically pleasing design 



Dimensions: L 317mm x w 332mm x H273mm


About Tom Cat

About Tom Cat

Tom Cat has always been known for producing well-designed goods with cats and their owners in mind. Continuous innovation and development have resulted in highly rated products for pet essentials such as functional cat litter boxes, pet fountains, pet grooming tools and more.

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