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Zolux Pet Dish Stainless Steel Small

By: Zolux

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Small Double Pet Bowl S/Steel With Stand, 2 X 350ml.

Our Double Pet Bowl Stainless Steel With Stand is perfect for your furry friend‘s dinner time! Our design features two stainless steel bowls that are elevated on a stand to prevent neck strain while your pet is eating. Conveniently keep your pet’s food and water next to each other for easy access!

  • The feeding bowls are made of stainless steel, not easy to damage.
  • Easy to remove and install; No stains, easy to clean.
  • Double bowl design can hold water and food at the same time.
  • Pet dog double bowl is convenient to feed all pets.
  • Non-slip shelf with two bowls, one for dry food, one for water.


  • 27cm x 13cm x 7cm (Stand)
  • 13cm x 13cm x 4.5cm (Each Bowl)

Package included: 2* bowls, 1* shelf.

Material: stainless steel


About Zolux

About Zolux

More than just another pet lifestyle brand, ZOLUX is an experience. ZOLUX is a family-owned business based in France that operates with enthusiasm and dynamism in the pet industry. The team is inspired by the love of their work and the unrelenting need for inspiration with over 80 years of experience, making ZOLUX a key player in the pet industry. A multi-specialist designer of all cat and dog lifestyle products like pet carrier, food and water dispenser, harness, etc. ZOLUX is committed to supplying all pet families in the world with aesthetically-pleasing and enduring pet products.

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Size: 13cm


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