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Rubeku Pet Shower Glove Bathing & Massaging Grooming Kit

By: Rubeku

Product Code: CS2022000383

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Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this is a practical shower accessory that will aid pawrents’ grooming efforts.

Because of the glove design, you can wash them the way you pet them.


Practical: has 3 faucet adapter sizes (0.9 inches, 0.79 inch &0.67 inches), so you can use it in multiple places.


-Put on the glove when it is time to bathe your pet.

After you connect to the water source, water will splash from the middle of the glove.

An additional tube to bathe your pet is not necessary, which will free your other hand.


-On the glove itself, you will find 12mm long raised teeth.

With them, you can massage your pet during bathing and improve blood circulation.


-Before bathing, you can use these 'teeth' to tidy pets' fur


-With a water impact of 10mm, you can get to the roots of pets' fur, which will guarantee deep cleaning. It is much more hygienic and perfect for pets with long fur.

Instructions (refer to the instruction manual in the package for detailed instructions):

  1. Turn off the water switch of the glove
  2. Choose the right faucet adapter, then connect it to your water faucet.
  3. Turn on your water faucer, put on the glove and open the water switch.
  4. Move the glove gently back and forward to massage your pet.

Size: Large-sized glove & about 180cm tube

Materials: Environmental TPR + Nylon Upper + Environmental PVC

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