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BeastInside Pet Backpack Ergonomic Carrier Aqua Blue

By: BeastInside

Product Code: CS2023000555

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We clearly know that traveling with pets is the best way to get along. In order to ensure that each trip can bring a pleasant experience to each other, such a safe, comfortable and convenient pet carrier is the choice of most pet families.

  • French Window View - French windows are irresistible for every pet, they often stay by the window looking at the scenery.
  • Ergonomic Design - With ergonomic design, it will help balance and lighten the burden and increase comfort, It can also be worn cross-body when needed. Also, the design supports enough load to keep your cat or dog comfortable during hiking, strolls or walks.
  • Larger Size - Backpack with LARGE SPACE design, so that your furry friend can sit and lie down freely inside, there is absolutely no sense of oppression.
  • Premium Material - Made of high-quality eco-friendly polyester and anti-scratch mesh, The 102 pet backpack is sturdy and easy to carry.
  • Comfortable Ventilation - It is equipped with breathable mesh in three directions, and the air flows quickly. Whether it is placed on the side or walking, pets can feel the airflow inside and will not feel stuffy.
  • Functional Design - Side Pockets & Safety Leash & Soft removable fleece bed & Flat Storage: Can be easily folded to flat when not in use.

Size: 11.8*11*15.7 in / 30*28*40 cm

Weight: 3.2 lbs / 1440 g

Material: High-quality eco-friendly polyester & Anti-scratch mesh & Exterior nylon fabric

For: Fit most cats, small dogs, rabbits.

Colours available: Iron black, maple yellow & aqua blue

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