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Agogo Cat Treat Premium Grade Chicken Sushi 50g

By: Agogo

Product Code: CB-0092


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Agogo premium grade cat treats are made of

  • 100% Fresh Ingredients
  • High Protein
  • Easy Digestion 
  • without any colourant

At the same time, it could use to entice your cat's appetite by adding into their daily meal. Our cat treat is also great to use for interaction and training for your furkids.

Train your furkids from young time with our finest cat treats. This could develop a better manner and yet improve their daily behaviour in future. Feed according to the feeding guidelines, your cat will get all the proteins, vitamins and minerals that needed.

Feeding Guidlines:

Cat Weight |  Quantity
1kg to 3kg     1-3pcs/day
3kg to 5kg      3-5pcs/day
5kg or above  5-10 pcs/day


  • Chicken:50%
  • Codfish:20%
  • Com Starch:4%
  • Soybean Protein 4%
  • Wheat Flour 6%
  • Glycerol  8%
  • Sorbitol 5%
  • Potassium Sorbate  0.2%


  • Crude Protein 25% 
  • Crude Fat 1% 
  • Crude Fibre 4%
  • Moisture 22%

Package Size : 50g