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Rubeku Pet Grooming Brush with Dryer 2 in 1 Functions

By: Rubeku

Product Code: YP288-01

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Conserve time and energy with this convenient 2 in 1 comb with dryer. 

This powerful device’s light weight and size allows easy one-handed operation for pet owners. Get to comb and dry your pet’s fur at the same time!

It’s bristles is designed with a 135 degrees bent and rounded ends for easy loose fur removal and detangling while gently massaging your pet. Made from durable, non-rusting material, the bristles do not break easily. 

It is a good grooming tool for timid pets as the built-in dryer operates quietly and has a power rating of 300w. It also features 2 settings with different temperature and wind intensity to better suit your pet’s comfort level.

  • One-handed operation
  • Comb equipped with dryer function
  • Convenient and saves time
  • Durable and safe for pet’s use
  • Operates quietly
  • 2 temperature and wind intensity setting
  • 2 pin power plug


23.5cm x 12cm

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