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AFP Cat Scratcher Modern Cat Infinity Lounge


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All For Paws Infinity Cardboard Scratcher gives your cat a comfortable place to scratch and help distract your cat from scratching your furniture. Meet the cat's natural scratching instinct. This cardboard scratcher is an easy way to entertain your cat. 

Save Your Furniture - Infinity shape design adds stylish sense for catching cats' attention. This cat scratcher board can meet cats' grabing desires and save your sofa, curtain, mattress, floor and etc.
Promotes Healthy Claws - Cats scratch as a form of play as well as to exercise, sharpen their claws and relieve stress. The large surface offers kitties plenty of room to do it all.
Rest & play - Lounge-shaped corrugated cardboard scratcher is a perfect place for rest & play. Apart from scratching it, cats treats it like bed and lie on it.
Reversible and Durable - This cat scratching pad is made of high density corrugated cardboard with characteristics of highly stable and durable, not easily deformed and strong compression resistance completely releases the nature of cats, like climbing, jumping, rolling. Both sides can be used

Size 81.5 x 26.5 x 26 cm (32 x 10.4 x 10.2 Inch).

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