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Bio PetActive Oral & Dental Care Pet Biodent Enzymatic Toothpaste 100ml

By: Bio PetActive

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Biodent Enzymatic Toothpaste specifically formulated by veterinarians using an enzyme system to supports teeth and gum health in dogs and cats and to reduce plaque and tartar, freshen breath, and ensure a clean mouth. A delicious nonfoaming toothpaste is safe for cats and dogs to swallow.

Biodent Enzymatic Toothpaste contains Glucose Oxidase enzyme. Glucose oxidase produces hydrogen peroxide in the mouth, which serves to reduce the microorganisms responsible for tartar formation. Thus, thanks to the enzyme in its formulation, it helps to prevent tartar accumulation and plaque formation.

Provides longer protection.

Thanks to the Zinc in its content,

  • It prevents odor by neutralizing the volatile sulfur.
  • compounds that cause bad breath.
  • It helps strengthen the gums.
  • Fights against tartar formation.
  • Provides anti-plaque protection.
  • Fights against bacteria.

Directions for use: To help your pet get used to the oral cleaning routine, start by brushing just a few teeth and then gradually increase the number of teeth as your pet gets used to the process and the taste. Apply a small of amount of Biodent Enzymatic on your pet’s teeth using a toothbrush. At first use, rub it gently on teeth and gums to promote its taste. Gently pull the lip up, exposing the teeth. In a circular motion, brush along the gumline. Recommended to brush pet’s teeth 2-3 times a week.

* Brush daily to eliminate severe bad breath problem. In cases of severe discoloration and tartar accumulation visit you veterinarian for professional dental cleaning. Afterwards, brush the teeth regularly.

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