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Bio PetActive Shampoo Dry Powder For Cat Lavender & Rosemary Extract 150g

By: Bio PetActive

Product Code: PA331

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Bio Magic Powder Shampoos are easy-to-use and give vitality to your pet’s fur and prevent bad odor.

Instantly revives, detangles, and rejuvenates that pretty coat and soaks up yucky buildup, all with perfect pH balance.

  • Extends the time between regular washing – no water needed!
  • Bio Magic Dry Powder Shampoos with 100% natural formulation does NOT contain dye, paraben, synthetic perfumes, and talc powder.
  • Neutralizes the bad smell in the coat.
  • Cleans by absorbing oil and dirt.
  • Gives volume to the coat.
  • Plant extracts in its formulation helps to remove skin and coat problems and helps to prolong the healthy growth of the fur.

Directions for use: Make certain your pet’s coat is completely dry. Lightly sprinkle Dry Shampoo Powder over your pet’s body and massage to spread the powder throughout the body. Gently brush your pet to remove excess powder. Discontinue use if irritation occurs on the body.