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Catit Cat Litter Super Mix Clumping 7kg

By: Catit

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Catit Super Mix Clumping Cat Litter is a quick-clumping & non-stick formula that saves you from the constant nightmare of having to scrap offthe gooey mess at the bottom (and sides) of your cat's litter pan. This improved formula features added odor control and a 95% reduction in dust to protect both you and your little one's respiratory health.

  • Super absorbent : Catit Super Mix cat litter absorbs up to 3 times its volume! This makes Super Mix last longer than average litter.
  • Odor control : This litter locks in any nasty odors and ammonia, keeping your home and your cat's litter box smelling fresh.
  • 95% less dust : Dust is kept to a minimum when pouring and scooping to help you and your cat breathe easy! Fragrance-free and minimal-dust litter can benefit sensitive cats with allergies.

Daily Scooping:

We recommend scooping on a daily basis for optimal results.


Do not throw Catit Super Mix litter in the toilet, as clumping litter can block your toilet plumbing. Bentonite litters should be disposed of in the garbage bag.

Recommended amount :

Pour in a 2-2.7 inch (5-7 cm) thick layer of Catit Super Mix litter, and keep it at this level at all times.

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