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Cattyman Raw Tuna Shavings 30g (3 Packs)

By: CattyMan

Product Code: 823752 (3 packs)

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-For cats who are gourmets, this is a snack-style snack with beautiful taste that uses "bluefin tuna", which is considered to be the finest tuna in chicken base

-Finished with a moist, raw-style texture to emphasize the original taste and aroma of the material

-Along with our commitment to materials, we also considered additives and made them without using preservatives, artificial colors, color formers, and antioxidants. 

-For cats over 2 months old.


Raw materials Meat (chicken, chicken breast, chicken breast), flour, corn starch, chicken fat, tuna, sorbitol, glycerin, minerals (calcium), phosphate (Na), colorant (caramel)
Division Crude protein 17.0% or more
Crude fat 9.0% or more
Crude fiber 1.5% or less
Crude ash 5.0% or less
Moisture 26.0% or less
energy 360kcal per 100g
Standard 30g
Country of origin Japan

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