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Armonto Pet Training Sheets Medium (44cm X 59cm)

By: Armonto

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Potty-training your pets have never been easier with Armonto Pet Training Sheets! These highly absorbent sheets are perfect for training and helping to prevent 'accidents' when you bring your little one out to play. Older pets will also benefit from these easy training sheets - which are essentially portable toilets.

  • Highly absorbent sheets
  • Perfect for potty training
  • Prevents floors from being stained by pet urine
  • Contains 55 sheets
  • Dimensions: 44 x 59cm



About Armonto

The Armonto dental treats are specially designed to help clean your canine's teeth and refresh their breath! These tasty dental chews features a twin brush head rotary design for 360 ° deep cleaning and has four times the bristles to help cleanse your dog's teeth by reducing plaque and tartar as your canine chews on it. Armonto comes in various sizes to suit the needs of various breeds of dogs. This dental chew is suitable for dogs of all stages of life and will also boost their intestinal function.

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