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AFP Cat Toy Interactive Grooming Arch


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Your cat can groom around that arch as she/he wishes. With both soft and hard bristles that softly remove hairs. A grooved board where you can put catnip in to attract your cat to interact with the Grooming Arch.

  • Interactive scratchers for indoor cats are easy to set up. 
  • Cat grooming supplies are made of premium quality polypropylene. Cat arch (self groomer) is safe for your pet. Soft and hard bristles of the cat face scratcher help relieve stress.
  • Cat corner scratcher has a bright and modern design. Two pompom balls of arch cat scratcher are perfect for fun games. Cat arch (groomer) is securely fixed to the base and will not bounce during play.
  • Mounted cat brush has soft and hard bristles that gently remove excess or loose hair. When your cat crosses the cat self groomer arch, the bristles comb through the fragile hair. Corner cat brush ensures no hairballs and control of hair loss.
  • You can use cat corner brush for cats as a cat face massager. Self groom arch for cats is a fun accessory for games (cat grooming toy). Cat rubbing post provides grooming without painful hair removal and scratching the skin.

Dimension : 8.8 x 13.1 x 12.5 inches.

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