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AFP Cat Toy Sock Cuddler Mouse Sock Catnip & Silvervine


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All For Paws Mouse Sock Cuddler for Cats is a 2-pack mouse made of high-quality non-toxic polyester. These two mouse with the cutest embroidered facial expressions are sure to capture both your and your cat’s attention and affection. With their soft bodies they are sure to give your cat some entertaining playtime fun. The All For Paws mouse Sock Cuddler for Cats is filled with Catnip and Silvervine which will enrich and stimulate your cat’s olfactory and improve her well-being, increasing her responsiveness up to 30 minutes after play.

Keep your cat occupied by bugging her with the cutest Cuddler Mouse Socks, building the bond you have with your feline friend. Help your cat to put her paws on the socks that she is allowed to knead. These mouse will keep her purr-fectly happy as they have an irresistible fragrance, better than the ones she is used to.

You can Be sure your feline will just love these mouse. Made of durable materials for extra long fun!

Always be sure to check your cat’s toys to remove worn-out toys. No toys are forever indestructible.

Contents : Pack of 2
Dimension: 12L x 6W x 1.5H cm

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