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AFP Cat Whisker Fiesta Wand Sombrero


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AFP Whisker Fiesta Pom-Pom Wicker Cat Fishing Rod Toy is designed in the shape of a fishing rod made of durable wicker material . This toy, with colorful pom-poms on it, will activate your cat's hunting instincts. You can interact with your cat by waving the fishing rod in front of your cat or moving it in the air. This can strengthen the bond between you and provide you with enjoyable moments. 

This toy can keep your cat active , entertained and improve its mental skills. The movement of the pom-poms can attract his attention while also helping him improve his reflexes and coordination. You can observe a happy and energetic cat while having a pleasant time with him.


  • When you shake the wicker fishing rod, your cat will try to hunt by following the puffs.
  • This can provide a mental and physical challenge for him .
  • It can also improve your cat's reflexes and help him release his energy. 
  • Thanks to the durable structure of the toy, it is suitable for long-term use.
  • The straw material is sturdy and durable, which can protect the feathers from unexpected tearing.
  • This can help provide long-term entertainment for your cat. 

Size : 109×11.5x1cm

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