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Dooee Cat Toy Spinning Feather Pink

By: Dooee

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Dooee Spinning Feather Toy Pink

It’s a fan. It’s an ambient light. It’s a spinning toy ball.


This unique 3-in-1 Dooee Spinning Feather Toy is specially designed to put your kitty on cloud nine. Cats will enjoy watching the toy ball spin, playing with the gigantic rotating feather and hearing the melodious jingle emitted from the bell, helping them to relieve boredom.


●  Simply gorgeous: comfortable warm yellow light is particularly striking in the dark, and toy has a cute novel spherical design

●  Safe: rest assured, the ambient light is soft and not dazzling

●  Customisable: 3 fan speeds you can choose from to suit individual preference

●  Easy-to-set-up and use: when you’re done setting up, the electronic toy ball will automatically rotate 360 degrees on its own

●  Low noise: silent design is pleasant for your kitty

●  Convenient and fast: the electronic toy can be charged using a USB cable



What’s included: toy sphere, base, feather with bell and USB charging cable

Style: spherical fan

Color : Pink with yellow light

Size :  10 X 12cm

Material:  Plastic, ABS



1)  Bend the feather to spread it out. Attach the bended feather to top of the spherical toy

2)  Press the light and fan buttons which can be located at the bottom of the sphere

3)  Align the ball, so it fits nicely on top of the base

4)  The toy will now rotate


Important guidelines:

-   When you use the toy for the first time, please charge the toy

-   When the toy is low in power, please charge it on time

-   Please refrain from charging the toy continuously for more than 8 hours because that will shorten the battery’s lifespan

-   When you are not using the toy for a long time, you should charge the toy fully before putting it into storage.  Charge the stored toy every 2-3 months.



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