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Catit Cat Catnip Spray 90ml

By: Catit

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Catit Design Senses Catnip spray, a concentrated extract of pure catnip, provides your cat with maxiumum fun and excitement.

Spray on toys, scratching posts, and other play areas to attract and entice your cat.

* Premium, pure catnip naturally stimulates cats to play and relax

* Catit catnip uses only the finest and purest Canadian catnip for your cat’s enjoyment

* Catnip helps cats to relax their muscles and relieve some built-up tension.

* The herb can help your cat to feel more joyful and act more playful, often with happy pouncing and purring at full volume.

* Great tool to teach your cat where to play and scratch.

Volume : 90 mL (3 fl oz) pump spray bottle