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Cattyman Harness Miche SS Purple

By: CattyMan

Product Code: DM-883992

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A fashionable cat torso outing vest that makes your cat even more cute.
・ Waist circumference: 23-32 cm
・ Pull string length: 120 cm
・ A cat torso that fits tightly to the cat's supple body and is easy to install.
-Adjustable charm fits your body.
 Easy to move without being sluggish!
-Wrap the waistline with a belt of hook-and-loop fastener and fasten it firmly.
 Reliable specifications that will not come off even if the neck area comes off!
-The tummy part uses a mesh fabric with good breathability inside.
 It has cushioning properties and is gentle on the skin!
・ It is a "Miche" series based on the concept of the owner's feelings for cats.

Use For: Body ring (for cats (weight 3 kg or less))

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