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Brit Care: Healthy Dog/Cat Food in Singapore

About Finesse

Born in 1994, Brit Care is a family-owned premium pet food producer from the Czech Republic that exports its food globally to 70 countries. Because animal nutrition is Brit Care's number 1 concern, it uses freshly prepared meat (e.g., deboned chicken or salmon) in its recipes. Its food is completely safe contains no potentially harmful ingredients (e.g soy, genetically modified organisms/GMO, colourants, preservatives). Crucially, Brit Care's food is also hypoallergenic to reduce the risk of allergic reactions in your pet dog or cat.

Rest assured, all Brit Care’s products are cruelty-free.

Brit Care Meaty Jerky Dog Treats 200g (Buy 2 FREE 1)
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 Brit Care Cat Dry Food Grain-Free Sterilized Sensitive 7kg
Brit Care Cat Chicken Breast With Rice 70g (24 Cans)
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Brit Care Cat Dry Food Grain-Free Indoor Anti-Stress 2kg