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Catit Cat Litter Scentless Beads 1.81kg (4 Packs)

By: Catit

Product Code: 50080 (4 Packs)

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Catit Scentless Cat Litter Beadseliminates nasty litter box odours. It contains millions of micropores that lock-in undesirable odours keeping your house odour-free.

Catit Scentless Cat Litter Beads islowmaintenance. There is no need toscoop out urine clumps ever again asthe beadsdonot clump. Themoisture from faeces and urine isabsorbed by the beads and then evaporated off.

It also produces less dust compared totraditional clay litter. CatitScentless Cat Litter Beads is chemical free and safe;even if accidentally ingested by your pet. In addition, the beads are less likely to stick to your cat's paws when leaving its litter box because of its unique shape.


Pour a generous amount of cat litter into the litter box, and remove stained dirty beads as necessary.