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Vitakraft Magic Clean Crystal Lavender 5L

By: Vitakraft


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Vitakraft Magic Clean Lavender is a made in Germany, silicone-based cat litter that has great reusability.

The litter is comprisedof biodegradable mineral beads, made of quartz sand.

Super absorbent and non-clumping, this cat litter works effectively and immediately when comes into contact with moisture.

A delicate lavender scent will envelop and mask any bad odours

The anti-bacterial effect found in the blue granulesinhibits bacteria growth and ensures a hygienic and clean litter box.

Magic Clean Lavender is low in dust and can be suitable for allergy sufferers as well.

Magic Clean Lavender is also very economical as one package can be used up to a monthand therefore is four times more efficient than conventional clumping litter.

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