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Pet Master Mega Store - DIY Dog Wash
Our convenient DIY Dog Wash lets you get your pet clean at a price that you’ll be happy with.
Do-It-Yourself Dog Wash
$35 for 45-min DIY Dog Wash
Available at Pet Master Mega Store, East Coast Park
(Parkland Green)
WhatsApp: +65 9130 6312
Business hours:
Weekday: 12pm-7pm
Weekend: 10am-7pm
*Complimentary Offer!
Free Paws 4 Splash with every DIY Dog Wash
Pet parents, have you heard about Singapore’s first Do-It-Yourself (DIY) grooming room(s)-Pawsome and Pawsper? Washing your dog at home can be challenging, so we've made it easier with our Pet Master DIY Dog Wash.

Our DIY convenient dog wash facility lets you get your pet clean at a price that you'll be happy with. Read on to find out more about our value-for-money facility (which is located at East Coast Park's Parkland Green)!

DIY Dog Wash @ Pet Master Mega Store

Our DIY Dog Wash provides the ultimate convenience for pawrents like you. Specifically, it is a self-service dog wash stop that comes with shampoo, conditioner, warm water, and a turbo blow dryer, as well as a safe, large tub that is easy to access and can cope with the spray of a good, strong, wet dog shake! No more wet floors at home!

Say goodbye to muddy paws or sandy paws after a fun and long day at the beach or dog run. After your playtime, walk to our DIY dog wash—which is a stone’s throw away from East Coast Park’s dog run! Our dog washrooms provide a safe and relaxing environment to wash doggies to keep them looking and smelling their best. It’s the perfect solution to a clean and happy dog in less than 45 minutes!

How does It work?
Step 1: Book your slot. Call +65 6908 9777 or WhatsApp +65 9130 6312 to reserve your slot.

Step 2: Arrive at least 15 mins before your allotted time slot. Make payment, then our friendly staff will assist you to get started.

Step 3: Get access to the premium DIY Dog Wash amenities and equipment.

Step 4: Wash, dry, and go!

Why Should You Choose Our DIY Dog Wash?
Unrivaled Convenience: Bathing a dog at home just isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Has the thought of wrestling with your dog in the bathtub, or chasing your pooch around the backyard with the hose seemed all too hard? Well, our all-in-one DIY wash got you covered!

Our safe and large tub fits all dog sizes and comes with an adjustable grooming tether loops to keep your dog securely inside for any escape artist! Each dog wash station is enclosed for privacy and safety. When you're done, you have the luxury of leaving without cleaning up. Simply leave the brushes and fur in the dog washtub and our friendly staff will take care of the rest!

Comprehensive Amenities:This one-stop leisure paradise provides you with all the bathing items you need. You can access some of the best amenities available to get your dog squeaky clean.

Our DIY Pet Wash comes with:  
  • Fully adjustable hot and cold water settings
  • Turbo Blow Dryer
  • Adjustable grooming tether loop
  • A large tub
  • Shampoo and a brush

Save the hassle of lugging all these items around East Coast Park! After having a whale of a time playing with your furkid, simply pop by our dog wash.

Savings: We know that you love pampering your furkids! However, taking them to the groomers regularly can be costly. Fret not! Pet Master DIY Dog Wash can be your practical and economical alternative. We provide you with the affordability you crave while still giving you access to the required washing-drying equipment at an affordable price. To be precise, for $35, you get a 45-minute session at our dog wash as well as a 30 min session in our dog splash swimming pool! You'll be able to spend more on pet treats, toys, and that snazzy leash with the sparkles you've been eyeing.
Pet Master Mega Store - DIY Dog Wash Pet Master Mega Store - DIY Dog Wash
Visit Our DIY Dog Wash Today
Head to our pet lifestyle concept mega store today to give your dog a fuss-free, easy, and relaxing wash.

Besides a DIY dog wash, our one-stop dog lovers leisure paradise also has a lot to offer. You can pick up some pet supplies, treat your dog afterwards with the extensive toy and treat products sold, and play with your furkid in the swimming pool. If you require any assistance, you can always approach our enthusiastic store staff.
DIY Dog Wash Location
920 #01-03/04/05/06/07/08 ECP, Parkland Green, Singapore, 449875

A Pro Groomer’s Top Tips:
  • Brush your dog meticulously before shower time to rid loose dirt and hair, allowing the bath to be more beneficial.
  • Avoid getting water in your dog's ears as it's not only unpleasant, but it may also cause infections.
  • Shower your dog from the neck down. By doing so, it not only keeps water out of their ears, but it also keeps water and shampoo out of their eyes.
  • Keep in mind that some dogs are afraid of the noise of a blow dryer, so If your dog appears to be too anxious, turn off the dryer and offer them a reward before switching to a towel to dry your dog.
  • Test the blow dryer's heat level, and if your dog is okay with it, make sure it doesn't get too hot. The DIY dog wash's blow dryers are safe to use on dogs, but you should still keep an eye on the temperature..




$35 DIY Dog Wash for 45 minutes
WhatsApp: +65 9130 6312
Business hours:
Weekday: 12pm - 7pm
Weekend: 10am - 7pm
*Complimentary Offer!
Free Paws 4 Splash with every DIY Dog Wash