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Zolux Dog Training Collar Anti-Bark 5kg to 15kg

By: Zolux

Product Code: 487040

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  • Has your dog been barking excessively for a long time? Have other methods of behavioural modification (e.g pinpointing the triggers that cause your dog to bark) been ineffective? If so, this electronic anti-bark collar could be the solution that you need!

    Suitable for small dogs (5-15kg), the anti-bark collar detects the vibration of the vocal cords when your dog barks. When the micro-barking detector senses these vibrations, a low-level shock is delivered to the dog’s neck to discourage your canine from barking excessively.

  • - Thoughtful design that allows owners to finetune the electro stimulation administered, as there are 6 adjustable stimulation levels 
  • - Adjustable collar that can fit well on your canine’s neck
  • - 2 pairs of surgical stainless-steel electrodes of 2 different lengths included
  • - Durable as case is waterproof
  • - Product contents: 1 anti-bark collar, 1 pair of additional steel electrodes, 1 user manual, 1-year manufacturer warranty. 
  • - Material: plastic
  • - Size: Neck (45cm max), Ergonomic case (5 X 3.5 X3.5cm)

About Zolux

More than just another pet lifestyle brand, ZOLUX is an experience. ZOLUX is a family-owned business based in France that operates with enthusiasm and dynamism in the pet industry. The team is inspired by the love of their work and the unrelenting need for inspiration with over 80 years of experience, making ZOLUX a key player in the pet industry. A multi-specialist designer of all cat and dog lifestyle products like pet carrier, food and water dispenser, harness, etc. ZOLUX is committed to supplying all pet families in the world with aesthetically-pleasing and enduring pet products.

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