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Agogo Dog Treat Deodorant Biscuit Small Bone 400g

By: Agogo

Product Code: CE-0020


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Agogo Pet Treats are made of 100% fresh ingredients. Special selected and processed from the finest ingredients and they are Ideal as an everyday snack. Delicious, Low Fat, High Protein & Taste Natural.

Our pet treats:

  • LOW fat
  • RICH vitamins
  • GREAT chewing fun
  • BEST training rewards

Function and usage:

  • Enhance direct relationship between pet and owner
  • Assist in skills training
  • As positive reward for good behaviours
  • Enrich nutrient to pet’s diet

Nutrient content:

Protein 10%,  Moisture 10%, Fat 5%, Crude Mineral 1.5%, Fibre 1%


Wheat flour, Eggs, Milk, Minerals, Whole milk powder, Honey , Sugar, Soy lecithin ,Calcium 

Storage :  Refrigerate after opening and keep away from sunlight,heat and moisture.

Suitable : all breeds

Package Size : 400g