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Bio PetActive Paw & Nose Care Dog Healing Therapy 50g

By: Bio PetActive

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Bio PetActive Paw & Nose Care with its natural content, effectively moisturizes your pet’s paws, nose, elbows, wrinkles, or other problem areas with ease leaving smoother skin. It’s ideal for protecting against extreme weather conditions and treating and healing scars, wounds, paw allergies, hyperkeratosis, dry elbows and more!

Pets tend to lick off ointments that are on them - that’s why our dog paw balm is 100% food-grade non-toxic and can be safely licked off by dog. With 100% natural ingredients ensure the health of your pet.

It does NOT contain water, alcohol, perfume, harmful and toxic chemicals, dyes, colorants, parabens, sulfates.

Calendula: It has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties for wounds, eczema, and skin inflammations on the paws.

Sweet Almond: Nourishes the used area by restoring the moisture lost by the paws and nose.

Olive Oil: The vitamin E in olive oil has antioxidant properties and moisturizes and soothes worn paws and nose.

Beeswax: Antibacterial agent. Repairs damaged paw, nose, and more. Hydrates and softens skin.

Directions for Use: Before application, make sure the paw pads or nose is dry and clean. Apply onto paw pads or nose and gently massage with your hand or a cotton gauze. Applying while the dog is resting increases the permanence of the product. Use daily for best results.

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