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Bio PetActive Supplement Tablets Dog Synbioflora Prebiotic and Probiotic for Small Breed 30g (60 Tabs)

By: Bio PetActive

Product Code: PA413

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Synbioflora is a nutritional supplement that contains a complex of prebiotics and probiotic bacteria specifically developed for dogs to help maintain balanced digestive health. Contains a source of live (viable) naturally occurring microorganisms that help support proper digestive and bowel health, and added prebiotics to support the growth of beneficial bacteria.

Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms that support the balance of microflora in the gut by helping to control the balance of the digestive system, which is essential for improving the digestion system and overall health. The main ingredient of Synbioflora is a probiotic compound called Enterococcus.

Enterococcus faecium for dogs is an important natural ingredient to aid healthy digestion and increase good bacteria.

  • Prebiotics are nondigestible fibers that are selectively used for energy by the colonies of beneficial bacteria that are normally found living in the large intestines. Two major classes of prebiotics have been found to aid pet intestinal health: Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) and Mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS).
  • FOS promotes the reproduction of beneficial bacteria and limits the growth of harmful bacteria.
  • MOS fiber contains sugar mannose and limits the ability of harmful bacteria to attach to the colon wall, so they are passed in the feces (stool) without causing disease. Both of these prebiotics have been proven to aid in the treatment of infectious and non-infectious diarrhea-causing conditions in dogs.
  • The functioning of probiotics and prebiotics in the same environment prepares the environment for the symbiotic relationship allowing increased effectiveness.
  • FOS, MOS, and Inulin supplementation is important in terms of reducing flatulence in animals.

Feeding Directions: To help maintain and regulate the gut flora, for dogs under 5 kg body weight feed 1 tablet daily. For dogs 5 kg – 10 kg feed 2 tablets daily.

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