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1 All System Conditioner Got Hair Action Hair Apparent Humectant Moisturizing for Dogs 12oz

By: 1 All System

Product Code: 31-CD-08

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  • Moisturizes, Texturizes
  • Improves Manageability
  • Builds Body & Natural Shine without buildup
# 1 ALL SYSTEMS GOT HAIR ACTION Hair Apparent Humectant Moisturizing Conditioner is Step 3 in the GOT HAIR ACTION "Brazilian Blow-Out process.
This is a ready to use, leave in conditioner, which moisturizes, texturizes, improves manageability, builds body and natural shine without buildup. Formulated to seal and protect the keratin treatment giving it a longer life, HOLD THE GROOM LONGER, and greatly reducemaintenance required to keep the coat looking freshly groomed.
GOT HAIR ACTION is a simple three step process:

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