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1 All System Product Stabilizer, Coat Re-Texturizer & Skin Refresher for Dogs 32oz

By: 1 All System

Product Code: 31-CL-12

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  • Skin solution.
  • Highly concentrated.
  • Formulated for dogs and cats.

Product Stabilizer is recommended for those dogs with problem skin either due to parasites / fleas, dermatitis, old dog skin, or where harsh chemicals have been used. This product is recommended to help restore and maintain the natural coat texture. It keeps the coat from becoming over-conditioned and over-processed. This is especially critical on the softer and or double-coated dogs who are being maintained in oil and conditioners between shows. It is a totally natural ginger scented citrus rinse that cleanses the skin removes irritating residues, rids the skin of harmful bacteria, lowers the pH of the skin thereby making it a hostile environment for bacteria, so the skin can heal naturally.

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