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Artero Dog Cosmetics Flash Nutritive Conditioner Spray 300ml

By: Artero

Product Code: H634

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The careful selection of its components gives a non-greasy, conditioning effect. A softener on a dry coat, giving it a shiny invisible film that prevents tangling and helps brushing. Makes for a fantastic fluffing spray when drying after a bath. A light spray over sections as you brush will give the coat a beautiful shine and fragrance that will last for weeks! Perfect for a shiny finish right before they get picked up from the grooming salon, before they go into a show ring, or even when you're expecting company at home!


  • Can be used whenever your pet’s coat looks dull and requires conditioning.
  • An ideal quick option to condition and add shine to your pet’s fur for a softer coat
  • Can also be used when grooming and brushing your pet as it helps detangle the fur for easy brushing.



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