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Nurture Pro Pet Supplement Kefir 118 Probiotics + Plant Enzymes Freeze-Dried Powder 2g x 15sachets

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For lactose intolerant cats and dogs, all life stages.

Made with 100% natural Kefir, Kefir 118 contains probiotic strains and fermented plant enzymes that provide an all-natural boost for your pet's gut and overall health. Probiotic-rich and the world’s first freeze-dried Kefir for cats and dogs. 

No fillers, preservatives, additives, chemicals, colorings or flavorings. Free from wheat, gluten, eggs, gum, and carrageenan.


Kefir, a probiotic with antioxidant properties, supports gut health, promotes healthy skin and coat, and aids in glucose regulation.

Plant enzymes break down ingested food for more efficient nutrient absorption.

Bacillus coagulans supports digestive health, replenishes good bacteria, boosts immunity, and maintains muscle and joint health.

Where can Kefir 118 help?

- Optimizes nutrition absorption and digestion

- Increases appetite

- Restores gut health

- Boosts immune system

- Reduces bad stool/bad breath

- Relieves skin allergies

What’s inside Kefir 118?

111 proprietary herbs, vegetables, and fruits

4 types of lactobacillus probiotic strains

3 types of good yeasts

For 3 years, 111 fruits, vegetables and herbs were fermented in special earthenware pots.

Proprietary Kefiran cultures

Tested to survive gastric and bile acid for 3 hours and reach the small intestine and colon.

What’s Kefir?

Kefir, a fermented probiotic milk cultured from kefir grains, is now available freeze-dried. nurturepro™ Kefir 118 is the world’s first freeze-dried kefir for pets. It’s packed with loads of live cultures beneficial to your pet’s gut health and overall wellness.

Not all probiotics are made equal. We've carefully selected a diverse set of probiotic strains to keep your pet’s gut health in good shape. And to produce the highest quality plant enzymes, we use the most stringent Japanese fermentation technique. 111 varieties of fruits, vegetables, and herbs were fermented for three years in special earthenware pots. Made and perfected in Japan to make sure your pets get everything they need to stay healthy and strong.

Our kefir is double-fermented to eliminate lactose in milk, making it suitable for lactose-intolerant pets.

nurturepro™ Kefir 118 is freeze dried to preserve nutrients and is available in convenient single-use sachets for nutrition on the go.

Kefir, a probiotic with antioxidant properties, supports gut health, promotes healthy skin and coat, and aids in glucose regulation.

Feeding Guide and Storage:              

Feeding guide:

For the first 2 weeks, give 1g (0.5 sachet) to your pets per day.

Best given daily for maximum results. 

Suitable for lactose intolerant cats and dogs. All life stages.

Mix into treats or food.

Combine with room temperature water.

To preserve kefir nutrients, avoid mixing with hot food or water.

Recommended dosage:


≤ 15kg 

½ sachet per day

Small dogs

≤ 10kg 

½ sachet per day

Medium dogs


½ sachet per day

Large dogs

 ≥ 20kg 

1 sachet per day


Keep product at room temperature and out of direct sunlight, high humidity, and heat. 

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