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Chaser Mini Interactive Yellow Monster Chase Toy for Dogs & Cats

By: Chaser Mini

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Satisfy your pet's natural hunting instinct with the Chaser Mini interactive yellow monster chase toy. It provides a good stimulation for your pet's well being which prevents boredom. With the increased exercise and physical activity, it prevents obesity and destructive behaviour in pets. The chase toy is also a good solution to ease separation anxiety issues for your pet.

Entertain your pets as the toy rapidly moves in random direction to encourage chase. With the interactive sound and lighting effects, it is sure to get your pet's undivided attention.

  • Built-in motion sensor reactsto nearby motion and darts away quickly
  • Remote controlled technology
  • Simple and user friendly set-up
  • Compact size, easy to bring on-the-go
  • Automatically turns off when inactive for long period
  • batteries not included

How to use:

  1. Remove the battery lid with a small screwdriver and insert 3 AAA batteries.
  2. Lightly pat the toy. Toy will give off signal lights to indicate that it is functioning well and ready for use.
  3. Place hand near the toy and it will automatically sense the motion and dart away
  4. Toy will maneuver awayitself after hitting an obstacle
  5. Added sound and light effects for successful hit attempts

Size : 5 x 7.5cm

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