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Kojima Pet Wet Wipes Original (80 sheets) 3 packs

By: Kojima

Product Code: KJ-505 (3 packs)

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KOJIMA Pet Wet Wipes (80pcs) for Dog and Cat Wet Tissue (3 packs)

– Suitable for wipe whole body of pet
– Safe for animal
– Ideal for sensitive skin
– 100% Alcohol Free/
– Size:150mm X 200mm per pieces (1 pack 80pcs)

Main Ingredients:
– Full cotton non-woven cloth
– AG silven ion
– RO water
– Aloe Vera extract

– Add AG silver ion to reduce the pet eye tear marks caused by bacterial infection effectively remove eye stains
– Thick cotton soft material, strong and durable
– Alcohol-free and non-irritating (with deodorizing ingredients, it does not stimulate a pet’s sense of smell and increases safety)/
– Gentle plant formula (protection of fur)/

Suitable for both cats and dogs.

• Original
Full cotton non-woven cloth , AG silver ion, RO water, Aloe Vera extract

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