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Bosch High Premium Concept Soft Mini Quail & Potato Dog Dry Food 1kg

By: Bosch

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Bosch High Premium Soft+ Adult Mini Quail & Potato Kibble Dog Food

Highly Digestible Simple but Complete Diet 100% Effective Against Food Intolerance & Skin Allergies

Bosch High Premium Soft+ Adult Mini Quail & Potato is easily digestible diet formulated with single protein and no grains, using only premium ingredients from Germany's Baden-Württemberg Region. With fresh quail (50%) as the sole source of animal protein, highly digestible potato and grain-free. Ideal for those who have food intolerances or allergies to different ingredients.

The soft kibbles with 18% more moisture makes the kibbles to have a particularly satisfying taste sensation.

*This product has been a replacement for Bosch High Premium Soft+ Adult Mini Roe Deer & Potato Kibble Dog Food



Fresh pheasant(40%)Sweet potato(20%)Chicory powder(0.04%)


Vitamin E

Vitamin E is one of the most necessary elements for the correct development of a dog.Vitamin E

(70 mg)Vitamin A(12.000 I.E.)Vitamin D3(1.200 I.E.)genus YuccaDicalcium phosphateChondroitin sulfateCacium carbonatTapiocaPoultry fatDesugared dried beet pulpProtein hydrolysatPeasPsyllium seedsPea proteinFlaxseedsBrewer's yeast

Nutritional Analysis

Crude protein 21%
Moisture 18%
Crude fat 12%
Crude ash 7.2%
Crude fiber 3.5%
Calcium 0.95%
Phosphorus 0.75%

Feeding Instructions

2 kg

50 g

2.5 kg

50 g

3 kg

60 g

3.5 kg

70 g

4 kg

80 g

4.5 kg

80 g

5 kg

90 g

6 kg

110 g

7 kg

120 g

8 kg

130 g

9 kg

140 g

10 kg

150 g

11 kg

165 g

12.5 kg

180 g

15 kg

210 g



Nutrition advice

Soft Mini Pheasant & Sweet Potato is Adult Dry dog food Food for adult dogs. Dry dog food is recommended Dog food for small breeds.

Please pay attention to your dog's daily ration of the recommended food to get the ideal weight gain of your dog and prevent overweight. Your dog should always have an access to fresh water.

The balanced dog food has to contain all nutritious elements necessary for healthy development of pets.
Organic substances ?? fats, proteins and carbohydrates ?? are necessary for energy development.
In addition, they participate in the hemopoietic processes, and also regulate work of some organs.


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