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Full Grooming VS Basic Grooming

Can’t decide if your furkid needs a full groom or basic groom? Either way, both are as equally important to keep your canine clean and healthy. Good grooming is more than just having a pretty pet! However, not all dogs will need to go through full grooming. This depends on the breed of your doggo. If you’re unsure, you can ask our knowledgeable groomers at Pet Master who will recommend you what your pet needs!

The differences between basic grooming and full grooming for dogs

Basic or Full Grooming

Basic Grooming

Basic grooming is essential and important for all doggos regardless of their breed. Basic grooming covers services like ear plucking, paw pad shaving, and nail cutting that will keep your doggo’s physical health in check. Every time you groom your dog, the health of its skin, coat, mouth, ears, and paws are in the spotlight.

Dog Grooming

Pet Master’s basic dog grooming services includes:

  1. Oxygen-infused bath with shampoo and blow dry
  2. 15-minute brushing
  3. Nail trimming
  4. Ear cleaning, hair removal and flushing (if needed)
  5. Scissoring feet and pad shaving
  6. Sanitary trim

  7. Anal gland cleaning

In general, basic maintenance should be done once every one to three weeks.

Full Grooming

Dog grooming before and after

For dogs who need a haircut and dematting, full grooming is the way to go. If they don’t, basic grooming would be better.

However, not all breeds need a shave down. If you own dog breeds such as pugs or beagles, a basic groom is enough. If you own breeds such as Poodles and Bichon Frise, their fur tends to require more care as their coat grows continuously making it easier to mat up. 

In general, a full groom should be done once every four to six weeks.

Grooming at Pet Master

Now that you know what is included in a basic grooming session and full grooming session, it’s time to book an appointment with us! Pet Master’s groomers will be able to customise your pet’s grooming services to best suit their specific needs. Your pets will be seen leaving with a healthy, clean and shiny coat plus a happy smile on their face.

Additionally, if you want to shower your furkid with some tender loving care, you can choose to let your dog have a microbubble spa and mud bath.

Click here to find out more about what we have to offer today! If you are intererested in getting an overview of our grooming services, you can read this article next.         

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