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All You Need To Know About Rough Collie

Rough Collies are dogs of honesty and grace with a sweet, articulative and intelligent appearance. They are perfectly balanced and instantly identifiable with their ample coats and elongated, narrow, chiselled head.You are not alone if you find yourself smitten with the luxurious double-coat of this breed or its sweet temperament. Here's what you need to know about the Rough Collie! Personali... Read More

How Frequent Am I Supposed To Groom My Canine? Advice On Each Type Of Canine’s Coat

Every dog is different and so are their needs for grooming. The weight, thickness, and density of your dog's coat will determine how often their fur needs to be brushed, trimmed, and cleaned. While the necessities of grooming which vary across breeds, there are certain reliable guidelines for various types of dog fur.To help you maintain your dog's coat looking and feeling good, we're going to sha... Read More

Introduction To Shetland Sheepdog AKA Sheltie

Dog owners are a loyal lot and Shetland Sheepdog lovers will find plenty of opportunities to sing this breed's praises. Getting a Sheltie is like having a best mate who's just so good at everything, in life! For those you are considering one yourself, read on to hear more about the Shetland Sheepdog. So, without further ado, let's proceed - shall we?Temperament The Sheltie is extremely f... Read More

It’s ‘Walk Your Dog Month’ In January: Here is How You Can Carry It Out Perfectly!

We just need a reason to jazz up with our pups every day and get out with our dogs daily (and it's a perfect New Year's resolution, too). We have some tips to help you reshape your habits and focus on good dog-walking activities, along with some essentials you're going to need to keep your walks safe, fun and safe!Dog Walking Tips For Walk Your Dog MonthBe The Leader, Not The FollowerBe in control... Read More

Collar VS Harness: Which Is Better?

To get a collar or a harness? It can be tricky to decide whether or not your dog should wear a collar or a harness for walks. One way to decide which option is best suited for your dog actually depends on your dog itself, its breed, as well as age and activity level.We love our fur babies so it’s normal that we don’t want to risk any potential injury with a collar. But we also need them to behave ... Read More