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Unicharm Cat Litter Refill Zeolite White Floral Scent 3.8L

By: Unicharm

Product Code: UCPC8552

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Unicharm Zeolite Litter Refill With White Floral Scent is to be used together with the UniCharm Cat Litter System. The zeolite, silica and fragrance microcapsules formula firmly absorbs ammonia ions, effectively eliminating foul litter box odors. When used with UniCharm Antibacterial Sheets, urine filters down smoothly into the lower tray and is absorbed, keeping the surface dry. Similarly, cat faeces can be easily scooped from the top tier of the UniCharm Deo-Toilet Dual Layer Cat Litter System.

-Long-lasting white floral fragrance.

-A 3.8L bag can effectively last up to 2 months in a single-cat household

-Because litter is non-clumping, no scooping is needed


Product Materials

Zeolite, Silica gel, Fragrance microcapsules


About Unicharm

About Unicharm

Unicharm - a Japanese company that manufactures cat litter, pet diapers and cat litter boxes, making it easier to hygienically care for cats indoors. All Unicharm products are designed to realize a vision for a cohesive society where pets and people live in harmony. Best-selling items from UniCharm will be its Zeolite cat litter which has the amazing ability to eliminate nasty odour from cat urine, as well as their ingenious two-tier cat litter bin system.

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