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Puppies for Sale in Singapore


Are you ready to welcome a new family member into your home? Owning a puppy is an exciting time and they bring you lots of love, fun and affection! They don’t just fill your hearts but make it stronger, too. Here are some reasons why dogs are actually beneficial to not only our mental health but physical and social as well.

  1. Puppies takes away your depression and stress
  2. Puppies keep you active and social
  3. They help your children learn and are great companions
  4. They’ll be your new best friend who is always going to be there for you!  



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Pet Master @ Bedok

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AVS License: AS20H00031

Business hours: Daily : 11am - 9pm

Tel: +65 6970 7555

WhatsApp: +65 9710 0051


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Puppies At Pet Master

Why choose Pet Master’s puppies?


  • Healthy Puppies

At Pet Master, you can be assured that our puppies are healthy and checked by a professional vet before going home. To spot a healthy puppy, it should be active and bursting with energy.


  • AVS Licensed and PALS registered

All our puppies are AVS licensed and registered with AVA PALS ( They are also given the necessary vaccinations and deworming treatments, which can be seen in their medical records and health certificates.


  • Knowledgeable and Passionate Staff

As highly experienced and knowledgeable pet sellers and owners, we provide valuable information and advice for potential pet owners so you can be well informed of the various dog breeds, their characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, aiding you in your decision to find out which breed will best suit your lifestyle and personality.


  • We provide the best environment, diet and grooming to our puppies

At Pet Master, we take pride in our cleanliness and we make sure our puppies are kept in clean, spacious and well-conditioned cages. They are given the best food, lots of love and plenty of play time with our animal loving staff.

Before going off to their furrr-ever homes, our puppies are given a basic grooming session by our professional groomers so they can look their best for their new pawrents!

affordable puppies for sale in singapore

All our puppies are:

  • Vet-checked
  • From Responsible Breeders in Taiwan, Ireland or Hong Kong
  • Vaccinated & With Micro-Chip
  • Pedigree Certified (if applicable)
  • From Good Quality Bloodlines
  • Registered With PALS (ownership will be transferred to you)


What’s included when you buy a puppy from Pet Master:

  • 1 Full grooming
  • 3 vaccinations
  • Deworming
  • Microchipped
  • Pet Ownership Certificate
  • Health Certificate 
  • Pet Passport