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Pet Master Mega Store - Dog Swimming Pool
Why Is Paws 4 Splash A Must-Visit Destination For Your Beloved Doggie?
$18 for 30-min Paws 4 Splash
Available at Pet Master Mega Store, East Coast Park
(Parkland Green)
WhatsApp: +65 9130 6312
Business hours:
Monday, Wednesday-Friday: 12pm-7pm
(every Tuesday, pool will be closed for maintenance)
Weekend: 10am-7pm
Introduction To Pet Master’s Paws 4 Splash
Pawrents rejoice! Now, you and your doggie can have a splashing good time at East Coast Park’s first pet-friendly water playground. Our 0.9m deep swimming pool with cold sanitised water can accommodate 4 large dogs as well as 4 adults. Hence, you can join your furkid in a pool filled with many colourful floating toys! At our pool, your dog will get to stretch its canine legs by swimming, fetching the array of floating toys, and even befriending other doggies.

Furthermore, Paws 4 Splash has a changing room where pet owners may change into their swimming attire, dry themselves and their pets before leaving the facility. Side note: if you wish to wash your dog after your swimming session, you can head to our DIY grooming rooms which are right beside the pool.

Your pool booking comes with a complimentary life vest that your furkid can wear during the 30-minute session. Because we have a comprehensive range of high-quality life vests, rest assured, we have a suitable vest for your dog regardless of its size. So, even if your dog is new to swimming, it will be able to learn how to swim safely with the necessary protective gear. The pet life vest coupled with your supervision shall safeguard your dog’s safety. Moreover, our pool is cleaned regularly using a water sanitation system. Hence, the pool’s water is very hygienic.
Pro Tip: want to make your Paws 4 Splash experience even better? Consider buying some pool toys from our physical/ online stores, then your furkid can play with them in our pool. We offer a myriad of pool toys that are suitable for waterplay. Your doggie can play a thrilling game of over-the-water fetch when you toss out our chill-out blueberry ice cream toy or our chewable floating turtle toy with a squeaker inside. Moreover, your canine can also interact with our floating AFP hunter pheasant. Of course, the aforementioned list of pool toys are not exhaustive—our product catalogue offers much more. To discover the comprehensive list of dog toys that we sell, please click here.

How does It work?
Step 1: Book your slot. Call +65 6908 9777 or WhatsApp +65 9130 6312 to reserve your slot.

Step 2: Arrive at least 15 mins before your allotted time slot. Make payment, then our friendly staff will assist you to get started.

Step 3: Check in to gain access to Paws 4 Splash.

Step 4: Enjoy and let the splashing good times roll!

Pool Safety Guidelines

Of course, safety is Pet Master’s foremost priority, which is why our responsible staff will enforce several rules to make sure that you and your furkid have the best possible time at our pool.
  • Owners are to follow instructions given by our staff while in the pool.
  • Dogs have to be at least 6 months old to use the pool.
  • Only 1 owner per dog, who is above 12 years old can enter the pool.
  • Please inform our staff in advance if your dog is on any medication or has any health issues.
  • Owners must bring along valid vaccination card. Only healthy dogs which are up-to-date with their vaccinations and have good skin conditions will be allowed in the pool.
  • Please use muzzles inside/outside the pool if necessary to ensure the safety of our staff, customers and dogs.
  • Please read all the points in the Paws 4 Splash agreement form carefully when you receive it.
  • There will be a $200 penalty fine for cleaning and disinfecting in the event of any defecation incident.

3 Amazing Benefits of dog swimming

It boosts physical well-being
Swimming is one of the most beneficial and comprehensive kinds of exercise for your dog. One minute of swimming is equivalent to four minutes of running! This sport has various health advantages, including strengthening your pet’s heart and lungs, lowering inflammation, and preventing obesity— all of which contribute to skin health.
It improves mental health
Dogs, like people, require an adequate level of stimulation to stay happy and healthy. A bored dog may become upset and engage in destructive behaviour. Thankfully, swimming is a stress-relieving sport that lets your canine stay mentally active, as it is a rich experience that stimulates all five senses. For sure, your dog will probably relish this exciting experience! By joining your pet in the water and playing together, you also get to have an awesome time bonding with your furkid!
It cools your canine down
The hot weather in sunny Singapore may make it tough for your dog to exercise outside. That is why you should consider letting your dog swim because it is a great warm-weather sport. After all, swimming not only cools your dog but is also physically stimulating.


Paws 4 Splash Location
920 #01-03/04/05/06/07/08 ECP, Parkland Green, Singapore, 449875




$18 Paws 4 Splash for 30 minutes
WhatsApp: +65 9130 6312
Business hours:
Monday, Wednesday-Friday: 12pm-7pm
(every Tuesday, pool will be closed for maintenance)
Weekend: 10am - 7pm
*Complimentary Offer!
Free Paws 4 Splash with every DIY Dog Wash