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Whiskers2Tail Tofu Cat Litter 7L PROMO: Bundle Of 2 Ctns

By: Whiskers2Tail

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Made from all-natural and biodegradable ingredients, Whiskers2Tail Tofu Cat Litter is an eco-friendly litter that offers superior odour control and three times better absorbent capacity than conventional clay formulas.

Aside from its non-tracking nature and dust-free formula which protects respiratory health, these tofu pellets are perfectly safe for your little ones - even in the odd occasion that they get ingested. Bid goodbye to messy litter tracks and unpleasant odours today with Whiskers2Tail Tofu Cat Litter.

Key Features:

  • Made From All Natural Tofu
  • Ultra Absorbent
  • Superior Odour Control – Natural deodoriser that neutralises bad odours.
  • 99% Dust-Free – Ultra low dust formula protects respiratory health.
  • Quick Clumping – Forms instant, tight clumps for easy scooping.
  • Eco-friendly – 100% Biodegradable

Size: 7L x 12 Packs (2 Cartons)

Varieties Available :

  • Whiskers2Tail Tofu Cat Litter Baby Powder 7L (18 Packs)
  • Whiskers2Tail Tofu Cat Litter Charcoal 7L (18 Packs)
  • Whiskers2Tail Tofu Cat Litter Lavender 7L (18 Packs)
  • Whiskers2Tail Tofu Cat Litter Original 7L (18 Packs)
  • Whiskers2Tail Tofu Cat Litter Peach 7L (18 Packs)


About Whiskers2Tail

About Whiskers2Tail

Crafted from the love for pets, Whiskers2Tail range of products are made from materials of the highest quality to bring comfort and ease. Enhanced with deodourising and antibacterial capabilities, Whiskers2Tail modernised all-natural potty and clean up experiences to make potty sessions and clean-ups a breeze. To reduce carbon footprints and show love for all nature, choose Whiskers2Tail products––100% pet-safe, the true quality for pets.

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