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Bio PetActive Spray Dog Potty Trainer For Puppies 100ml.

By: Bio PetActive

Product Code: PA375 (PWP)

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Toilet training spray for puppies and young dogs to help you teach them to do their “business” in your designated area.

  • Help get rid of bad habits. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • The best results in training depending on the breed of your dog.
  • Make sure to award your dog when it does its business in the area you designated.

Directions for Use: Shake well before use. For indoor use, lay out a puppy pad or a newspaper in a designated area. Make sure the area is far from their bed and bowl. Spray at a 15 cm distance from the designated area and allow your dog to sniff the spot. Continue the training process by adding an additional application and bringing your pet back to the spot often, especially after eating, drinking, playing, or napping. Reapply as needed. Repeat the training process until you get your desired results. Always praise your dog for preforming the desired behavior.

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