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Nobu Pets Anti-Bacterial Pee Pads Size M 40's (3 Packs)

By: Nobu Pets

Product Code: 10765844 (3 Packs)

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At Nobu Pets, we are passionate fur parents creating the best for our furkids When we couldn’t find products that we love and trust, we decided to create these products ourselves. We have dedicated ourselves to creating safe and functional items that are of excellent quality.

The Nobu Pad is a safe and effective way to potty-train your puppy. It has built-in attractant, quick-drying elements, and it eliminate harmful bacteria and unpleasant odours. With 7 layers of protection to avoid leaks, you can rest easy, knowing that your home will stay clean and fresh!

Anti-Leak Patented Design:

1st Layer: Fluid Lock Membrane/Layer

2nd Layer: Colored Tissue Paper

3rd Layer: Magic Gel (SAP-Superabsorbent Polymers)

4th Layer: Fluff Pulp (Soft Absorbent Layer)

5th Layer: Magic Gel (SAP-Superabsorbent Polymers)

6th Layer: Fluff Pulp (Soft Absorbent Layer)

7th Layer: Leak Proof Film / Anti-Leak Layer

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