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Tom Cat Pakeway Grated Dog Toilet Large Blue And White

By: Tom Cat

Product Code: 644603

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Train your dog to pee & poop indoors!

This grated dog toilet is great for owners who cannot bring their small dogs out frequently to relieve themselves. With this toilet, you can train your dog to excrete indoors. It consists of a grated top and a tray at the bottom. The grates allow urine to drain from the toilet surface, so dogs don’t stand in their waste. 

-easy-to-use: grated top can be easily removed from and put onto the tray & the reusable toilet just needs to be rinsed with soap after use
-convenient: this indoor toilet eliminates the need for owners to take time to bring their dog out for toilet trips

Suitable for: medium and large pets within 65cm
Size: About 636 X 467 x 67 mm
Urination column about 151 X 63 X 36mm
Material: engineering plastics

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