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Furbulous Guide To Shampooing Your Puppy

Some inexperienced dog owners may think that any quality dog shampoo is good enough for puppies. But did you know that there are major differences between shampoos specially formulated for adult dogs versus puppies? Read on to learn how to choose the right shampoo for your puppy.  

puppies should use puppy shampoo

Choosing the correct shampoo for your puppy

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Tailored products are king. You should factor in age when considering which shampoo to get for your dog. While you may be tempted to use the same shampoo on your puppy and adult dog for the sake of convenience, that may not be the best choice. Why is this so? That’s because young canines have far more fragile skin than their adult counterparts. As a result, regular adult shampoos’ ingredients could irritate puppies’ skin.

Puppies should ideally use shampoos that are specifically meant for them, whereas it is recommended that adult dogs use regular shampoos specially formulated for them. 

But if you’ve got to use the same shampoo for both your adult dog and puppy, here’s what you can do. Choose an adult dog shampoo formula that fulfills the following criteria: (1) uses natural ingredients & does not contain harsh chemical additives & (2) is designed for sensitive skin.

Although you love your puppies, what's best for you isn't necessarily best for them. You should avoid using human shampoo on puppies because their PH level is inappropriate. A dog’s skin is very close to a neutral pH, and significantly more alkaline than human skin.

This problematically disrupts their skins' acid mantle, leaving your furbabies vulnerable to parasites, viruses, and bacteria. In addition, human shampoos strip away the hair’s protective qualities, removing valuable oil from your dog’s coat and skin, resulting in dry, irritated skin and a dull coat. This can lead to repeated scratching and abrasions, which are truly uncomfortable for your dog.

Even the human baby shampoos designed for the sensitive baby skin are unsuitable for puppies’ coats and skin.

Here are some pawsome tips for shampooing your puppy

Shampoo dog.

- Wait until your puppy is 3 months or older before you bathe him/her with shampoo for the first time. Before that, cleaning with a damp cloth soaked with warm water is sufficient.

- Determine the bathing frequency of your puppy by considering his/ her coat length, coat type & lifestyle.

- Puppies with longer coats like (e.g., Collies) need more frequent baths.

- Puppies with thicker undercoats (e.g., German Shepherds) require more bathing.

- Of course, active puppies naturally get dirty faster and would thus need to be bathed more often than their laidback puppies.

- Opt for ultra-mild shampoos that wash out very easily, so nothing is left behind on the fur or skin. 

- Select PH-appropriate dog shampoos that are especially formulated for a dog’s skin (between 6.5 to 7.5).

- Choose shampoos with moisturising ingredients (e.g. aloe vera and oatmeal) to help your puppy look and feel its best, attaining shiny skin.

Bonus: Did you know that in order to look fabulous conditioners are a must-have grooming item? Especially formulated to  re-moisturise sensitive, dry skin, conditioners are truly pawsome.

Here are a few dog shampoos that’re gentle on the skin (recommended by Pet Master): 

A shampoo that cares

All of GimDog’s shampoos are wisely formulated with high-quality natural ingredients. They contain no parabens, synthetic colourings and chemicals that may irritate the skin.

The GimDog shampoo series can be divided into 2 categories: (1) for puppies & (2) for adult dogs.

A. GimDog Shampoo for Puppy 250ml

Specifically formulated for the bath of puppies, this shampoo's soft detergency respects puppies' sensitive skin and coat, helping their fur to grow lush and beautiful.

-Made from plants like Linden, Chamomile & Sweet Almond Oil.

-Chamomile’s antimicrobial properties effectively kill bacteria, keeping your puppies’ skin clean and healthy. Even provides some relief in mild cases of itchiness or skin irritation.

B. GimDog Adult Dog Shampoos

Why not give your furbaby this tailor-made goodness? Different real plant ingredients are carefully chosen to provide the best possible care for your dog’s unique coat.

- Coat-specific formulas help dogs with various coat types (e. white, dark. long & short) look fur-bulous.

- There’s even a waterless dry shampoo formula that allows you to wash your water-hating pet with ease and convenience.

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2. Bio PetActive Shampoo with Chamomile Extract & Glycerin for Puppies 250ml

Bio PetActive Shampoo wiith chamomile

The Puppy Shampoo helps revitalise and strengthen the coat. With its ideal surfactants it provides sensitive cleaning for puppies. When used regularly, it gives the coat a healthy and lustrous look.

-Chamomile extract in shampoo formula cleans, refreshes the coat, and has a therapeutic effect.

-Glycerin helps moisturize the coat. It gives the fur elasticity and is effective against fur breakage. 

-With its long-lasting chamomile scent, it removes odour and keeps your puppy’s coat smelling heavenly.

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3. Earthbath Puppy Spritz Wild Cherry For Dogs 237ml

Earthbath Puppy Spritz Wild Cherry For Dogs 237ml

The Puppy Spritz is the simple solution to keep your puppy smelling fresh and give her coat a healthy shine and softness. 

-The fresh botanical fragrance of wild cherry deodorises, reducing puppy odour the natural way.

-Colloidal oatmeal, organic aloe vera, and vitamin E remoisturises skin and coat. 

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Written by Jolene

Jolene is a writer who adores animals. That is why she derives deep satisfaction from researching and writing about animal-related topics.