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Nurture Pro Pet Spray Nano Colloidal Silver all-purpose remedy 120ml

By: Nurture Pro

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Ingredients: 99.99% pure silver particles and purified water
Contains no fillers, additives, colouring, salts or proteins.

nurturePRO Nano Colloidal Silver is made from 99.99% pure tiny silver particles suspended in purified water. Silver has been well-known for its effective use in preventing infections and fighting germs for centuries.

How does it work?
Some research suggests silver ions can kill microorganisms by binding to their cells without neccessarily damaging pets' body cells. Nanoparticles are so small that you can't even see them, but because they are so small, they are supposed to be able to penetrate the microbe's cells and thwart pathogen.

Colloidal silver solution is tasteless and odourless. It is used as a natural alternative to antibiotics and as an all-purpose remedy for various infections and illnesses. From boosting immune systems to ear infections, colloidal silver is one of the best go-to treatments for your furry pal.
Ionic silver as an antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory agent
99.99% sterilisation rate
100% safe, harmless & healing
No fillers, artificial stabilisers, additives, chemical or colourings

External use: Spray freely over infected area 2-3 times daily. If the skin
problem is serious, spray it 5 times a day and reduce the frequency after
the symptoms are relieved.

Internal use: 2 times spray per 5kg bodyweight once daily. It's best to spray 30 minutes before or after food and water consumption.

Eye & ear use: Spray 1-2 spritz into the eye or ear 1-2 times daily until
infection has cleared. Frequency may be increased as required.

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