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Bio PetActive Supplement Tablets Pet D-Kaltabs Dicalcium Phosphate & Vitamin D3 Chewable 126g (84 Tabs)

By: Bio PetActive

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A nutritional supplement that provides the calcium our pet friends need at every stage of life.

As it is for humans, calcium is the most abundant mineral in the animal body. In addition to its role in the formation of bones and teeth, it also has a very important role in blood clotting, joint structure, pulse regulation, and restoration of the neural system.

Therefore, it is very important to meet the daily calcium need of our furry friends. Especially during pregnancy and lactation period both the mother and the offspring have an increased need for calcium.
Similarly, rapid growth in large breed pets continues until 24 months of age. During this critical period, a lack of calcium may cause life-long, irreparable skeletal problems.

Calcium absorption may decrease for various reasons. Vitamin D is a key player in calcium absorption, and deficiency can lead to decreased calcium absorption. Therefore, let your furry friend run and play around and get plenty of sunlight on sunny days.

D-Kaltabs contain a sufficient amount of Vitamin D in addition to calcium and phosphorus.

Feeding Directions: Administer according to the table below. Crush and sprinkle into the dry/wet food or can be given directly. (1 tablet = 1.5 g)

Recommended feeding guide

Cats and Puppies

½ tablet daily

Dogs 15 kg to 30 kg (33lbs to 66lbs)

1 tablet daily

Dogs over 30 kg (66lbs)

2 tablets daily

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