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GimCat Functional Paste Expert Line Balance Relax Support Formula 50g


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GimCat Relax Paste 50g       

The idea behind GimCat Expert Line Premium Paste Supplement Series is to provide care that best supports cats in various life situations. All supplements in this series are developed with veterinarians for your peace of mind.

This supplement, GimCat Relax Paste, is a paste that supports cats’  well-being and relaxation in stressful situations (e.g.trip, a visit to the vet or the arrival of a kitten).GimCat Relax Paste helps stressed cats relax and make their lives more pleasant, thanks to the selected real plant ingredients.

  • Eschscholzia herb and St John’s wort filtrate to relax your cat and promote serenity,
  • L-tryptophan that stimulates the formation of serotonin (the happiness hormone) to enhance wellbeing
  • The vitamin B complex supports nerve function and energy metabolism. Vitamin E and Taurine are included too.
  • Sugar-free formula that helps reduce your kitty’s risk of getting diabetes and tooth decay

derivatives of vegetable origin, oils and fats, yeasts (contains 1% beta-glucans), milk and dairy products, powdered Eschscholzia herbs 0.7%, St John’s wort filtrate 0.04%.

Analytical constituents:
Protein 7 %, fat 35 %, crude fibre 2 %, crude ash 6 %, moisture 12 %

A brand belonging to Gimborn, GimCat has been creating magical moments between kitties and humans. The German market leader proudly produces a wide range of premium cat treats as well as toys and supplements, which have been delighting numerous kitties worldwide. Its incredible ISO-certified products provide the quality you can trust. Choose GimCat for a meow-tastic experience!