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Aixia Cat Pouch Kenko Water Supplement Tuna Paste 40g X 12

By: Aixia

Product Code: AXKZJ1 Carton (12 Pouches)

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Aixia Kenko Pouch Water Supplement Cat Food is a unique wet food made close to the cat’s bodily fluids, adjusting & maintaining fluid balance and the concentration of electrolytes (sales in solution).

This eases the regulation of osmotic pressure & the stress on organs, supporting the maintenance of the cat’s health. Like all wet foods, Aixia Kenko Pouch Water Supplement Cat Food is highly recommended for cats that dislike drinking water from a bowl!


Fish & Shellfish (Tuna, Tuna Extract), Starch, Protein Hydrolysate, Fructose-Glucose Liquid Sugar, Thickening Polysaccharide, Glycine, Sodium Citrate

Nutritional Analysis:

Protein (min): 6.1%
Lipid (min): 0.2% or more
Crude Fiber (max): 0.1%
Ash (max): 1.2%
Moisture (max): 91.4%


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