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Aixia Yaizu-no-Maguro Rich Sauce 15yrs Tuna Chic Crab 70g

By: Aixia

Product Code: AXYZ11


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Made with tuna landed at the Yaizu Fish Market, this limited-edition product is designed to keep your cat healthy from around the age of 15.
Based on the white meat of tuna caught in the Yaizu fish market and chicken tenders, it is made with a mixture of popular ingredients to make it thicker. A timeless taste that makes full use of the umami of tuna. Considering the health maintenance of cats from around 15 years old, oligosaccharides and vitamin E are adjusted.


Seafood (tuna, crab-flavored sticks, tuna extract), chicken fillet, protein hydrolyzate, yeast extract, oligosaccharide, thickening stabilizer (processed starch, thickening polysaccharide), seasoning, vitamin E, red yeast rice pigment

Guaranteed Analysis

Protein: 8.1% or more, Fat: 0.4% or more, Crude fiber: 0.1% or less, Ash: 1.3% or less, Moisture: 88.1% or less

Can Size : 70g 

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